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April 22, 2010

Scientia Global to support General Dynamics in the development of a non-lethal weapon system.

Melbourne, FL, (April 22, 2010) – Scientia Global, Inc, a Melbourne, Florida based professional services company, as part of a team led by General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems (GD-OTS), has been awarded a $3 million contract by the U.S. Marine Corps System Command (MARCORSYSCOM) for a technology demonstration (TD) and evaluation of a new hardware’s ability to meet the program requirements for the Mission Payload Module – Non-Lethal Weapon System (MPM-NLWS). A full-and-open competition will follow the initial technology demonstration phase of this program.

Called the Medusa Weapon System, the new system – developed by General Dynamics with its subcontractor and partner, ATK Aerospace Systems – will adapt advanced 66mm grenade and launcher technology to provide improved counter-personnel and non-lethal capabilities that temporarily incapacitate targets through intense light, sound and pressure stimuli. Scientia Global as a teammate with GD and ATK shall provide systems engineering expertise to the project.

The Medusa’s articulated launcher and fire control system fires a new non-lethal grenade munition with electronic, in-tube, range-programmable fuzing that provides precision placement of the non-lethal effect. The system will provide longer range, greater coverage, extended duration, lower risk of permanent injury and better scalability of effects over current non-lethal weapon systems. The Medusa system is also capable of launching the current inventory of 66mm non-lethal and obscuration-effect grenades and will be integrated onto the Marine Corps Transparent Armor Gun Shield, ballistic-glass shields that are used to protect service members in close urban environments.

“We are pleased to continue our systems engineering relationship with GD-OTS,” said Dr. Martin Dougherty, President of Scientia Global. “At Scientia Global, our corporate goal has always been to provide the highest-level of support to programs of national and international significance for the United States Government. This new weapon system will allow the Marine Corps to more effectively carry out its mission, in a manner that is consistent with the constantly changing battlefield around the world."

General Dynamics OTS, a business unit of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD), is a world leader in the manufacture of large-, medium- and small-caliber direct and indirect-fire munitions, shaped charge warheads and propellants. It also manufactures precision metal components; and aerostructures in support of the tactical missile industry. More information on GD-OTS is available online at

Scientia Global (, founded in 2002 in Melbourne, Florida, offers professional services in the scientific, engineering, and management consulting arenas. With worldwide reach and experience, Scientia experts have successfully completed projects in some of the most challenging and difficult environments in the world. It specializes in systems engineering, integration, and support of telecommunications, intelligence, public safety technology and other consulting programs.

Contacts: Martin Dougherty,, Office: 321-733-1971 x501, Fax: 321-733-1713

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