September, 2011

Scientia Global to upgrade the Kirkuk portion of the Iraq Advanced First Responders Network for US Army Communications and Electronics Command.

Melbourne, FL, (September, 2010) – Scientia Global, Inc., a Melbourne, Florida based professional services company, along with its strategic partner, Al Bathera Communications and Commercial Agencies, LTD., has been awarded a $400 thousand contract by the U.S. Army Communications and Electronics Command (CECOM) for the Iraq Advanced First Responder Network (AFRN) Kirkuk Governorate Dispatch Center (GDC) and Mobile Switching Office (MSO) Move Project. This award marks the sixth contract that Scientia has been awarded through several sources to manage, build, advise, equip, and maintain the AFRN since 2004.

Initially acquired in 2004 and managed by Scientia under contract to Lucent Technologies, the AFRN system is Iraq's nationwide police, public safety, and emergency services communication backbone. With an initial project cost of over $200 million dollars, the AFRN has been installed and equipped in 18 of the major cities throughout Iraq and serves 78% of Iraq's population (over 19 million residents). AFRN is built on TETRA standards (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) and is built with Motorola based TETRA technology known as DIMETRA; the user radios were supplied by both SEPURA and Motorola.

CECOM, acting on behalf of the US Foreign Military Sales Office and the United States Forces Iraq Security Assistance Mission, has awarded this contract to Scientia that includes the site survey, site design, and site upgrade for a new, more reliable and robust, location to house the Kirkuk GDC and MSO for the AFRN, then the complete testing, dismantling, of all mission equipment at the old site, then the transfer, re-installation, integration, and acceptance testing at the new site, all with minimal disruption of critical police communications in Kirkuk, Mosul and other cities served by the MSO in Kirkuk.

“Scientia is pleased to continue its long history of support to the AFRN system through this contract with CECOM,” said Dr. Martin Dougherty, President of Scientia Global. “At Scientia Global, our goal has always been to provide the highest-level of support to programs of national and international significance for the United States and its allies. This upgrade of the AFRN system in Kirkuk is critical in order to keep the AFRN operating as a critical piece of the security environment in Kirkuk.”

Scientia Global (, founded in 2002 in Melbourne, Florida, offers professional services in the scientific, engineering, and management consulting arenas. With worldwide reach and experience, Scientia experts have successfully completed projects in some of the most challenging and difficult environments in the world, including a continuous presence in Iraq since 2004. It specializes in systems engineering, integration, and support of telecommunications, intelligence, and public safety technology systems, as well as other consulting programs.

Al Bathera Communications and Commercial Agencies, ( Ltd. is a 100% Iraqi-owned company that specializes in communication and information handling services and equipment. Al Bathera has been operating in Iraq since the start of the rebuilding effort in 2003, and has partnered with the US and Iraqi Government and its allies to provide committed and innovative support to their communications requirements.

Contacts: Martin Dougherty,, Office: 321-733-1971 x501, Fax: 321-733-1713

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