September 1, 2008

Scientia Global awarded a contract to perform the Iraq Ministerial Capacity Development Assessment for the United States Embassy, Baghdad, Iraq.

Melbourne, FL, (Sept. 1, 2008) – Scientia Global, Inc, a Melbourne, Florida based professional services company, has received a contract to assist the United States Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq in its efforts to stabilize post-conflict Iraq. The project, known as the Iraq Ministerial Capacity Development Assessment Project or IMCDAP is funded by the Department of Defense Global War on Terrorism funds, and involves the inventory, assessment, and strategic plan development for United States and Partner Nations, striving to build capability within Iraqi Ministries and other Government organizations.

According to Mike Rumberger, a former Department of State expert and senior consultant with Scientia Global, the two-phase project will first involve an inventory and analysis of previous national capacity development training and technical assistance activities and second, the development of recommendations for program modifications, with a strategic planning document to help guide the Embassy in its overall long term goals for building ministerial capacity. “Our Iraqi-centered team will be focused on the Ministries of Oil, Electricity, Finance, Planning, and Justice among others, all of which provide essential services to Iraq and its citizens ”

“IMCDAP is expected to contribute to the economic well-being of Iraq by providing strategic guidance to improve the capability of critical Iraq Ministries, allowing the US presence there to be significantly reduced while ensuring lasting stability,” said Dr. Martin Dougherty, President of Scientia Global, Inc. “At Scientia Global we are very pleased to continue our support to this important customer and their mission as well as to the Iraqi people. Our corporate goal for work in Iraq has always been to provide the highest-level of support to programs of national and international significance, for the United States as well as for its Partner Nations.”

Scientia Global, Inc., founded in 2002 in Melbourne, Florida, offers professional services in the scientific, engineering, organizational, and business management consulting arenas. With worldwide reach and experience, Scientia experts have successfully completed technical integration and consulting projects in some of the most challenging and difficult environments in the world. It specializes in systems engineering, integration, and support of telecommunications, intelligence, public safety technology and other consulting programs. Scientia Global has had a continuous presence in the post-conflict Iraq environment since 2004.

Contacts: Martin Dougherty,, Office: 321-733-1971, Fax: 321-733-1713

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